Pivot from overwhelmed to peace of mind.

Pivot Organizing is about helping you make the best use of your space and time so that you can meet your priorities, easily find what you have, and just make your life easier. I offer in-person home organizing and productivity coaching services in the Seattle area (vaccination required) and virtual services globally.
I work side-by-side with clients to understand their needs, make thoughtful decisions about what to keep, design systems that work for their lives, and provide strategies along the way to help them maintain systems long-term. 

I offer in-person services in the Seattle area (vaccination required) and virtual services globally. 

Home Organizing

I help clients make good decisions about what to keep and why, and then figure out storage solutions, room layouts, and paper management systems that work for their space, stuff, and behaviors. I specialize in:
  • Optimizing the use of small spaces
  • Working with creative people who struggle with traditional organizing approaches
  • Bridging the gap between family members with different organizing styles
  • Finding great homes for items through creative reuse in the home, donations, etc.
  • Setting up systems that set you up to stay organized long-term

Productivity Coaching

I provide coaching on topics including time & task management, prioritization, leadership, team-building, career development, and meeting facilitation. I learn about what clients are doing today, celebrate what’s working already, and identify techniques to address challenges.
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Downsizing & Moves

For downsizing, I support people through the emotional process of deciding what to keep, where other items can go, and then helping reorganize spaces to optimize for the current lifestyle.

For moves I provide a project plan that meets your goals and timing. I can help you decide what to keep, pack in a methodical way, design future room layouts and storage systems, and unpack in the new home.
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Hi, I'm Valerie Green!

I live in Seattle, Washington with my husband and rescue dogs. I think spending time organizing your space/time can really improve your quality of life. I love helping people be thoughtful about what they have and why, and setting up structures and systems that help people stay organized long-term. With even a few hours of organizing I believe people can find more peace, and reduce stress, through supportive organizing.
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What it's like working with me

Clients describe my approach as empathetic, non-judgmental, insightful, creative, and fun. They appreciate my ability to listen, design systems that work for their situation, and prototype solutions using what they have on hand.
"Valerie is a truly gifted professional and a natural organizer. She is observant, non-judgmental, a good listener and quick to jump in to get work done. She was great with using what we already had and then great at quickly finding what was still needed to complete a project. The stress level in our home has markedly decreased, while creativity and productivity thrive… just what we were hoping for!"
"Valerie was great to work with and helped us organize our house in a creative way using what we had and finding intuitive places for everything. She has a great eye for how to make things work better and will do little “tests” to see if things work. She’s also great with kids and got them excited about getting their rooms cleaned up too. She loves what she does and it shows!"
"I liked the organic way Valerie solved problems and how she used items I already had at home. She found solutions that made sense to the way my family lives, so we can sustain the changes made. She listened to me vent without judgement and took items to donate for me. Clutter really makes me anxious, so I thought about hiring a professional organizer as an investment in my mental health. For me, this was a better deal than talk therapy ;)"

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