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Pivot Organizing helps you make the best use of your space and time so that you can  easily find what you have, meet your priorities, and just make your life easier. I offer in-person home organizing and productivity coaching services in the Seattle area (vaccination required) and virtual services globally.
I work side-by-side with clients to understand their needs, make thoughtful decisions about what to keep, design systems that work for their lives, and provide strategies along the way to help them maintain systems long-term. 

I offer in-person services in the Seattle area (vaccination required) and virtual services globally. 

Home & Office Organizing

I help clients make good decisions about what to keep and why, and then figure out storage solutions, room layouts, and paper management systems that work for their space, stuff, and behaviors. I specialize in:
  • Smaller spaces (apartments, condos, small homes, and downsizing)
  • People who have hobbies or artistic work that requires a variety of stuff
  • Family members and co-workers with different and/or non-traditional organizing styles
  • Reuse: using items you already have for organizing and finding great places to donate items
  • Setting up systems that help people stay organized long-term

Productivity Coaching

I provide coaching on topics including time & task management, prioritization, leadership, team-building, career development, and meeting facilitation. I learn about what clients are doing today, celebrate what’s working already, and identify techniques to address challenges.
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Downsizing & Moves

For downsizing, I support people through the emotional process of deciding what to keep, where other items can go, and then helping reorganize spaces to optimize for the current lifestyle.

For moves I provide a project plan that meets your goals and timing. I can help you decide what to keep, pack in a methodical way, design future room layouts and storage systems, and unpack in the new home.
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Hi, I'm Valerie Green!

I live in Seattle, Washington with my husband and rescue dogs. I think spending time organizing your space/time can really improve your quality of life. I love helping people be thoughtful about what they have and why, and setting up structures and systems that help people stay organized long-term. With even a few hours of supportive organizing I believe people can find more peace, and reduce stress.

I have completed NAPO's Professional Practices coursework (which covers fundamental principles, skills, and ethical standards for organizing), and the ICD Level I Foundation Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization.
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What it's like working with me

Clients describe my approach as empathetic, non-judgmental, insightful, creative, and fun. They appreciate my ability to listen, design systems that work for their situation, and prototype solutions using what they have on hand.
Working with Val has been a revelation: for the first time in my life, I understand what it means to “have a place for everything and everything in its place.” I not only know where things go, I actually enjoy putting them back after I have used them. The best part is that Val gets to know her clients and how they work intuitively— she doesn’t impose a cookie-cutter solution. We’ve worked together now for about a year and the results have been life-changing. Part of the secret to Val’s success is that she’s smart, empathetic, and has an incredible design background — she thinks in terms of setting up systems that will work going forward, not just making the mess go away for the moment. I feel so lucky to have found her.”
“We loved our experience with Valerie. We live in a small house and had been considering moving, but after organizing, we love our house again and don't want to move. Our house was so overwhelming with all of our stuff in a small space. She got to know us, our needs, and the layout of our house and came up with a plan to make it work. She was easy to work with, efficient, thoughtful, validating, and non judgmental. Our house is easy to keep clean now. Everything has a place and even my young kids know where everything goes and are keeping their own space clean! We can't speak highly enough of Valerie and the work she does.”
“Valerie is amazing. Having been with her for over six months now, we continue to be repeat clients as she helps with challenging tasks of identifying and removing clutter, while also reorganizing our home. The best thing about working with her is that none of this feels like a chore or a burden, but a really refreshing experience that leaves us feeling liberated and happy with an improved (de-cluttered) space. I cannot fully express how much I recommended her. If you have the opportunity to work with her please do so!"

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