“Valerie at Pivot Organizing helped me organize our living room, bathrooms, kitchen, and more. In addition to helping organize the space, she also helped our family set-up systems to keep the spaces running more smoothly. Valerie is lovely to work with. She has a great balance ofoffering her thoughts while also listening to my ideas. We worked side-by-side and were able to accomplish a lot in every session. I loved that at the end of every session she would whisk away all of the stuff that we had decluttered to organizations within the community. Art supplies go to one place, clothing that's in good condition to another, etc. It felt great to know that my things were being thoughtfully given a second life.” ~Cara
“Working with Val was nothing short of Magical with a capital M. My mom passed away several months ago, leaving my dad in a house full of reminders of her illness. I was dreading the work, but somehow Val made it fun! My dad and I reminisced while going through items, and Val kept us on track. And I was floored by how much we accomplished. I’m so grateful Val took the time to teach me and my dad the most efficient way to go through things, and how to actually feel good about the process. For anybody else navigating the death of a loved one, hiring Val may be the best thing you could do!” ~Tammy
“I hired Val about a year ago, to help with a mid-pandemic move to a house we’d just bought in Brooklyn. Val was super calm, super reliable, and helped guide us through a tailored-to-us process, with everything in checklists with due dates attached to them. She even provided a list of local places to donate specific items, and gave us ideas for arranging furniture and such in the new place. Another reason I hired her: I’ve known her since we were in elementary school, and she’s always been whip-smart and ferociously organized. I know for a fact she started Pivot because she truly loves this work and loves helping people see through the clutter, whether it be visual or mental. Hire her! You won’t regret it.” ~Adrienne
"I’d spoken to a few organizers and Valerie at Pivot truly understood the root issues with organizing in my home. She wanted to know why I put something there and based on my logic, recommended a better option. We have a smaller house with limited storage and I was feeling frustrated. I had some of my own systems in place in the house but I couldn’t help feeling cluttered in the mind and house. Her strength is using existing bins and materials for organizing. I love that she isn’t trying to get me to revamp my entire closet space and get new bins etc. like some other organizers like to do - because it IS easy to fall into that as it looks nice although not super sustainable. We started with the pink room, but we kind of went all over the house for a holistic solution." ~Kate

"Val has been incredible in helping me organize my life! I first had her to my office to help with organizing as I moved back in after a renovation. She was so good I asked her to come to my home. When my 7-year-old saw what Val and I were up to, she asked if Val could help her with her room (of course!!). Val adapts well to all kinds of people and how they work. She identified the differences in how my brain organizes things versus my daughter and we each have a unique system based on that. Every time she comes over, she checks to see which systems are working for us and which are not so we can adapt them and *maintain* the organization. Working with Pivot organizing has been a wonderful experience!" ~ Kay
"Valerie is so competent in understanding empathetic design. She is highly perceptive and figured out quickly how to make suggestions for my home to work for my spatial creative self. She is a total wizard at working out space needs. I love her rules of thumb that she teaches me. Fortunately she is not one into purchasing a ton of accessories as she uses what we have, and only when it’s a real benefit, suggests a few affordable purchases that fit my budget, with no mark-up. I love the energy she brings to the job and we get it done!" 
~ Isobel
"Loved working with Val. As a designer and organizer, she has great ideas of how to organize things. And her background in human-centered design particularly comes into play when helping to deal with the human aspects of organizing. She is really patient and empathetic, and helps you ride out the emotional hurricane of dealing with all your old stuff! I am so delighted with everything she has helped us with, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!" ~ Carrie
"Valerie is a truly gifted professional and a natural organizer. She is observant, non-judgmental, a good listener and quick to jump in to get work done. She was great with using what we already had and then great at quickly finding what was still needed to complete a project. The stress level in our home has markedly decreased, while creativity and productivity thrive… just what we were hoping for!" ~Harlow
"Valerie was great to work with and helped us organize our house in a creative way using what we had and finding intuitive places for everything. She has a great eye for how to make things work better and will do little “tests” to see if things work. She’s also great with kids and got them excited about getting their rooms cleaned up too. She loves what she does and it shows!" ~Abid
"I liked the organic way Valerie solved problems and how she used items I already had at home. She found solutions that made sense to the way my family lives, so we can sustain the changes made. She listened to me vent without judgment and took items to donate for me. Clutter really makes me anxious, so I thought about hiring a professional organizer as an investment in my mental health. For me, this was a better deal than talk therapy ;)" ~Nancy

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