Together, we design a more organized life for you.

I work collaboratively with clients helping them make good decisions about what to keep and why, discard what’s not working for them (things, activities, mindsets), design systems around their lifestyle, and develop habits to help them stay organized long-term. I provide thorough documentation throughout the process including a shared list of tasks and resources. Projects typically go through the following stages and respond to what comes up organically:
Outline the project on a free intro call. Before working with people I set up a video call to discuss the project, share my process, and determine alignment.
Understand goals and strategize. We review what’s happening today, and develop a preliminary plan and strategy for the work.
Come up with ideas and options. We brainstorm different options, align on a direction, and set it up using existing items as feasible.
Finalize organizing systems. We assess and adjust the system as needed, put in final touches, and discuss a maintenance plan.

Home Organizing

Organizing is collaborative work where I act as a guide for making good decisions about what to keep, offer design solutions to find what works best for you, and then help implement them. I specialize in:
  • Optimizing the use of small spaces
  • Working with creative people who struggle with traditional organizing approaches
  • Bridging the gap between family members with different organizing styles
  • Setting up systems that set you up to stay organized long-term
  • Finding great homes for items through creative reuse in the home, donations, etc.
In the organizing process we:
  1. Walk through the home to understand what you have, options for where stuff can go, and current habits. Map out preliminary ideas for where stuff can go and determine how to sequence the organizing work.
  2. Go through items in a specific area, group like items, decide what to keep, and prioritize. I take most donations at no extra charge.
  3. Discuss options for storage systems and room layout, and set things in place with what’s available in the home. I can do some research post-session at no extra charge.
  4. See how the system works, adjust as needed, and finalize with labeling and any purchases needed.

Productivity Coaching

I work with you to identify and understand your unique challenges (regarding time, priorities, leadership, etc.), and then provide specific techniques to help you be more effective and improve your mindset. In the coaching process we:
  1. Discuss what you want to achieve, why, and how. Then we review your calendar, to do lists, personality typing tools, etc. to understand what’s going on and why.
  2. Acknowledge and celebrate what’s working. We do this so you can keep doing what works, and overcome our negativity biases which focus us on what’s not working.
  3. Identify challenges and define preliminary strategies. We discuss what isn’t working and why, and identify tools and strategies to try out.  
  4. Practice techniques, troubleshoot, and evolve strategies. We discuss what’s been going on, recognize accomplishments and work through challenges.
"The Eisenhower Matrix"

Downsizing & Moves

For downsizing I help people with the emotional process of deciding what to keep based on their current lifestyle and where they’re going to live, and meaningful places for items to go (family members, charities, etc.). I recommend starting with easy, bulky items and working later on dense and emotional items such as paperwork and memorabilia. Then I can help design room layouts and storage systems that meet the current needs.

For moves I provide a project plan that gets you from unpacked to moved in according to your goals and timeline. I can help you decide what to keep (and help you donate or discard the rest), pack in a methodical way, design room layouts and storage systems in the new home, and unpack in the new home.

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