What makes me different

My approach to organizing and coaching is informed by the many years I worked as a consultant and manager in design. I focus on understanding people, translating their needs into design solutions, and providing one-on-one guidance to support the process. Some of my unique attributes include:
  1. Empathy: As a user researcher leading in-depth, home interviews I was trained in active listening techniques. I listen, non-judgmentally, and meet people where they are.
  2. Systems Design: Trained in architecture and product design, I am skilled in designing room layouts and figuring out systems that can help someone stay organized long-term. I look holistically (across the home/life) to find opportunities to optimize and integrate disparate elements.
  3. Empowerment: As a team and program leader, I developed my role as a coach who guides people in directions they want to go, empowering them to make good choices.

A lifelong journey to home organizing

My professional organizing and productivity practice builds on decades of experience in understanding people’s needs, and translating those into design and learning solutions.
Growing up in New York City
Living in a small New York City apartment I learned early on how to make the best use of small spaces, and was immersed in the world of art and design.
I got a BA in Architecture at Yale and studied how to design spaces. Then I worked in a small architecture firm setting up systems as an office and interior design project manager.
Product Design
At Stanford’s Product Design program, where I earned an MFA in Design, I learned about the power of understanding people’s needs and designing for people. My graduate thesis was on the topic of home storage, where I discovered a gap in how to store “in process” (such as the clothes chair).
User Researcher & Strategy
I worked for many years leading design research and strategy projects, and teams, for Fortune 500 clients who wanted to innovate. I led in-depth, ethnographic interviews in people’s homes (internationally) to understand their needs and partnered with designers to develop new products, strategies, and services.
HR Learning & Development
I brought design thinking to human resources through developing and leading internal learning experiences for international teams. I designed and facilitated formal training programs and workshops, and engaged in one-on-one coaching with leaders. Topics included manager development, team-building, hiring, onboarding, and innovation practices.

Meet Dolly the Llama!

Dolly the Llama, and her new sidekick Daphne (a topiary duck), started as a fun public art project and over the years have taken on more meaning. They’ve enabled me to learn about and showcase different holidays, connect with current events, and actively engage with my community. If you want to see more, check out their Instagram account: dollyllamaseattle
Here I am posing with Dolly wearing a Halloween outfit.
A friend photographed her kids with Dolly for fun outings; this outfit was for the Olympics.
This outfit celebrated the retirement of our UPS delivery man after 30 years of service.

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