I can work with you in a few different ways, outlined below, based on what works best for your situation. Please use the contact form to get information about how I can best support you.

Hourly Sessions

We work together on an hourly basis and continue, stop, or restart based on interest, time, budget, and momentum. This is the most organic and flexible plan.

Specific Project

We select a specific area to focus on and come up with a fixed fee and number of sessions. This is a good plan when there’s a fixed budget and/or timeframe.

Just The Plan

We develop a strategy and plan together and you implement it on your own, with periodic check-ins. This is good for do-it-yourselfers who need ideas and a plan.

Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates are available in 30 minute increments with a two hour minimum. Three hours is ideal as a lot can be done in that time frame by diving into a specific area or two, or providing a broader strategy and assigning homework.
  • Hours can be used as desired. For example, three hours can be used in 1-2 in-person sessions, or 2-3 virtual coaching sessions.
  • Gift certificates are paid ahead of time via check or Venmo.
  • To get a gift certificate please describe what you'd like in the "Get in Touch" contact form," including a gift message if you’d like to include one, and then you'll be emailed a gift certificate PDF per your request.

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